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Cuckoo Arts於2008年成立,是一間志在啟發兒童多元智能發展及創意的藝術工作室。 Cuckoo Arts不單提供不同特色的藝術課程及活動予兒童及青少年,也設成人畫班、親子藝術班、派對服務及户外寫生等不同類型和多元化活動,讓成人和小朋友可籍此接觸和欣賞藝術,並享受藝術帶來的樂趣。

Cuckoo Arts was founded in 2008. It’s an art studio focus on children’s development in multiple intelligences and creativity, It provides different art related courses and activities not only for children, but adults and families as well, such as adult art class, parent-child art class , party, outdoor drawing class. Let children and adult appreciate art and enjoy the fun of it.

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  • 打開內心世界,誘發好奇心,讓他們自由和放膽地表達所想所思

  • 訓練創意思維,技巧,合作精神,專注和解難能力

  • 加强審美力的判斷和提升個人情躁

  • 對社會及世界的敏銳觸覺,批判和反思能力

Our Mission

  • Explore and open up the children’s heart and mind, enhance their curiosity and allow them to freely express themselves

  • Arouse the children’s creative and imaginative mind, develop their art and problem-solving skills, build up their cooperative mind

  • Strengthen and sharpen the children’s aesthetic ability and visual literacy

  • Widen the children’s perspective and horizon to the world and learn to make critical judgment



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